Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ass Hats

So earlier today I was called a "gay ass hat" by someone on reddit (my bad for not posting an NSFW tag on some that was very NSFW... i guess the words "nudity", "pride", and "pics" in the title didn't tip him off...).

Naturally, I wondered "wtf is an ass hat".

Ironically, I encountered the term again just moments ago while perusing The System comics...

Still not entirely certain of the meaning though.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

You Know You're Canadian When

You know you're Canadian when someone walking down the street accidentally punches you really hard in the arm, and YOU apologize to THEM.

What Grading Is Like (PhD Comics)

PhD Comics perfectly illustrates what grading is like!

Monday, July 5, 2010


So after some recent facebook controversy concerning the above photo which i posted in a Toronto Pride Parade 2010 album, I've decided it's time to rant about NUDITY.

First of all, I don't see why anyone, especially my friends (who i thought were cool), should find fault with nude pictures online that were taken at an event where nudity was permitted. This naked dude marched down the street, uncensored, in front of thousands of people... so why can't a snapshot of that event be posted on facebook?

FB sent me the following warning email to notify me that my photo was being removed:

Seriously? Since when am I supposed to watch out for other peoples' children? Facebook is just like any other site on the internet... it's the parents' job to monitor what their children see online. Furthermore, I don't have any children on my facebook, so if any children do manage to see my photo, it would most likely be because facebook changed their privacy settings causing my profile to become public... not my fault. I completely admit that a fairly decent case COULD be argued for WHY facebook doesn't allow nude pictures to be posted, however the reason the gave me was bull....

But let's get to the real issue here. How can there actually still be people who are offended by naked people in events like Pride, or the WNBR (World Naked Bike Ride)? I'm not saying it's ok for people to strip/streak in EVERY situation, but in a world where celeb va-jay-jays are hidden by a couple pieces of string, and where obscenity of every sort is impossible to escape, why is it that people like this guy at pride are given so much flack. Come on society. Really.

So instead of attempting to articulate the rest of my feelings on the matter, I'm just going to add a bunch of pictures of nudity. I hope you enjoy, and I would very much like to hear comments on this matter. A final thought: What makes nudity obscene? What makes it tasteful? What makes it artistic? Who decides?

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(courtesy of here and here)

(taken by myself and found on PrideToronto's Flickr)



(all are from the "artistic nude photography" section of DeviantArt)