Tuesday, September 29, 2009

50 Things I Highly Dislike

50 things i highly dislike, in no particular order:

1. The Ken Burns Effect.

2. Bell. Bell home phone. Bell internet. Bell TV. Bell customer service. Bell bills. Bell hidden fees. Bell retention centre. Bell spam mail. Bell advertisements.


4. Actual cats.

5. Judith Butler.

6. When people post those pictures on Facebook that have a bunch of different characters/animals/people and then they tag each of their friends as a different character. I don’t want my identity to be reduced to “The Kinky One”, or “The One Who Always Studies”.

7. When people hate Mac.

8. Older men who think they know everything about everything, and if they don’t know about something, then it’s because that thing is stupid and not worth knowing about.

9. Women drivers who drive with their hand to their face which makes it look like they’re fretting because they have no clue how to drive.

10. Madonna. Seriously, how are you an icon? I could write more creative lyrics than you. Case in point: “I’m gonna party, yeah / Cause anybody just won’t do / Let’s get this started, yeah / Cause everybody wants to party with you”.

11. When ads on websites appear right over the body of the website and cover up what you want to read.

12. \/\/ |-| ∍ |\| ρ ρ |_ T ϒ ρ ∍ @ |_ |_ G @ |\| G $ T @®.

13. Asian girls who dye their hair blonde. I’m sorry, I’m sure there’s an exception out there somewhere, but so far I have never seen it look good.

14. When people add you to facebook “becuz they saw ur profile pic and u look rly hawt”.

15. Parents who let their kids run the show.

16. Parents who give their kids rattails.

17. Heroes. It’s unbelievable how indiscreetly, and poorly they have copied The 4400. For shame.

18. The Good Shepherd. Worst. Movie. Ever.

19. How every movie these days is either a remake, or an adaptation of a comic book series, or a sequel.

20. Tomatoes.

21. When people are talking quietly, and someone asks them to talk louder, and then they say “ok” but then continue to speak at the same volume

22. When boys don’t hold the door for girls.

23. Incessant pen tapping or finger drumming.

24. The lack of songs that I like on Rock Band and Guitar Hero. My tastes are not being satisfied!

25. How Tim Hortons, McDonalds, etc. stop their breakfast items so early in the day. You’d be surprised how many of us crave a breakfast sandwich in the afternoon. You’d make tons of money. Seriously.

26. Burger King barbeque sauce. Maybe this is just me, but it tastes like pickles.

27. Mars Bars and Snickers. I don’t get what the big deal is… I can’t think of a more boring way to eat chocolate.

28. Sarah Jessica Parker. Sorry. She just rubs me the wrong way.

29. No Frills. All the yellow really depresses me. I choose Food Basics for all my cheap grocery needs.

30. When people clap right after a plane touches down. We aren’t safe yet, we’re still hurtling down the runway at very high speeds. Moreover, it’s the pilot’s job to not kill us. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the high level of skill involved with this job, I’m just not going to break into applause every time someone does their job without F***ing up.

31. When people use dreadful transitions in PowerPoint presentations. There is absolutely no situation in which Puzzle or Blind transitions will add to the overall impact of your presentation.

32. Nickelback. I’ve honestly never met anyone who likes them. Do they just purchase all their own CDs to make themselves seem popular? Do they blackmail people into going to their concerts?

33. Bean sprouts (A.K.A. a guaranteed way to take food from delicious to annoying).

34. Homophobes.

35. PT Cruisers.

36. When a song will get overplayed on every radio station all the time. Tonight’s Gunna Be A Good Night is painful enough to listen to once, let alone 5 times in a 20 minute car ride.

37. When people wear 59fifty hats with the stickers still on.

38. When people talk during movies.

39. “I seen”.

40. When stores use “z” instead of “s” in their name (ie. KIDZ WORLD).

41. Slow walkers.

42. How Dominion grocery stores changed their name to Metro. What the hell were they thinking?! “Metro” conjures up images of grotty subways, rats, crazy people, smog, pollution and week-old vomit. It does not make me think of fresh produce and good food.

43. People who stop you in the mall and say “Oh hello, I see you have some very bad acne. Would you like to try this revolutionary new skin cleanser?”. F*** no. You just insulted me.

44. When you walk into a store just after you’ve gone to the gym or before you’ve washed your hair and the people treat you like crap because they think you’re poor (cough cough Aritzia). I have just as much money to spend at your store as the made-up hussy next to me. But its ok, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

45. Really teensy Band-aids. Chances are, if I have a cut that small, I won’t need a Band-aid anyways.

46. The Hills.

47. When people take the elevator from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor… and they’re on their way to the gym.

48. Crocs.

49. Primary colours.

50. Chronically late people. It’s obnoxious. I don’t care if you can’t show up until a certain time, just tell me what time it will actually be.

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  1. good list, it's hard not to agree with most of them, though 13 seem to be an unfair example of asian women