Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm back and things are changing!

So after yet another lengthy hiatus, I have decided that my life has become far too exciting to not be blogged about. I've also been inspired by my good friend and travelmate who has just started his own blog about an impending USA road trip which I will be taking part in this august (see his blog here).

Some things to expect from here on out:

-continued postage of awesome images, comics, art, videos, etc. from around the web.
-a higher level of personal work, thoughts, and entries.

To recap what I've been up to since last posting:

-I've gone from blonde to brunette
-I've graduated from my undergrad at the University of Toronto
-I've been accepted to a Masters program in Communication & Culture at York University in conjunction with Ryerson University.
-I've moved to an awesome apartment in downtown Toronto
-I met the Hamburglar
-I've started a sweet summer gig working for TradeBank as a graphic designer.

This summer I'll be taking a week long trip to Reykjavik Iceland (next week!) as well as a 4 day trip to Las Vegas, so stay tuned for more about that!

Thanks to everyone who continues to read this blog, and sorry about the wait!

<3 Ally

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