Thursday, August 13, 2009

Daily Video: Modest Mouse - King Rat

Modest Mouse "King Rat" Directed by Heath Ledger from mesurf on Vimeo.

Modest Mouse's video for King Rat, directed by Heath Ledger

Cosmo Re-cap: September 2009

Here are the most interesting facts from this month's cosmo:

-To save time and be connected to a customer service representative when you're on hold, drop an F bomb. Many systems are designed to channel you straight to an operator if you curse.

-Women are more turned on by visual stimulation than by auditory stimulation. Therefore we really enjoy watching porn, and most women watch it with the sound off.

-"Logic is an overworked muscle". Listen to your gut more.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 Cool Henna Designs

Here's a roundup of some inspired henna designs.

Daily LOL - How Stick People Became Extinct

Daily Video: Jeux D'Enfants Ending (Spoiler Alert)

This is possibly the best ending scene of any movie... of course out of context it loses some of its power though. So I suggest watching the entire movie Jeux D'Enfants (Love Me If You Dare). The basic premise is that these two childhood friends spent their whole lives playing stupid tricks and dares on each other, and are never actually together even though they love each other, and finally they do their final dare together... they stand in a big pit, embracing, as it gets filled with concrete.

9 Cool Make-up Designs

Here are a few cool make-up jobs I found while browsing DeviantArt.










Swarovski Studded Stuff

I recently posted a blurb about the Stella McCartney Swarovski Crystal Horse (link at the bottom of this post). People are sticking Swarovski crystals on a lot of things these days, but I've collected what I think to be the 20 coolest Swarovski Studded things. It gets as cool as studded snowboards, and as weird as bedazzled toilets and contact lenses.

Jemal Wright Isis Toilet

Silven Wall Coverings

Fima Brick Chic Faucet

Aigle Black Story Rain Boots

Me-Mo Urban Glow Car Accessories

Sonoro Clock Radio

CrystalRoc Drum

Electrolux Ergorapido Vacuum Cleaner

Selfridges Bling-kini

Garni Skull Ring

Ergo FashionNote Mini Notebook


Alain Mikli Shutter Shades

Fir Italia Glamour Range Faucets

Henri Nidecker Snowboards

Vicious and Divine Laplace Webcam

Swarovski Pocket Binoculars

Anthony Mallier Contact Lenses

Corioliss Crystal Straightening Iron

Stella McCartney Crystal Horse