Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shows From When We Were Kids

Nothing conjures up nostalgia like the great shows we watched when we were kids. Here's a blast from the past! (*As a child I only had a few channels and therefore only ever watched TVO... so other TVOkids kids will be able to sympathize).

Book Mice

Lamb Chops

Eureeka's Castle

Today's Special

Polka Dot Door

Mister Rogers' Neighbourhood

Mr. Dressup


Magic School Bus

Dudley The Dragon

Johnson and Friends

Fireman Sam

Professor Iris

Art Attack

Artist Spotlight: Eika Dopludo

Eika Dopludo of Saint Petersburg, Russia does some great drawings.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Must-See Movie: Mirror Mask

It is not possible to describe this film using the words of any language. The visuals are beyond anything that has ever been perceived by my imagination. It is beyond creative, beyond fantasy, beyond acid trip. Although the story line isn't overly epic, this is an absolute must-see, and (for lack of a better word) a complete mindf***.

Artist Spotlight: Kate Wilson

Little Birds is a project by Kate Wilson, an illustrator from London. Kate has worked for The New York Times, Marc Jacobs, The Guardian, and Marie Claire Prints.

Musical Inspiration: Winter Gloves

Listen to Winter Gloves on their MySpace

Winter Gloves began as one guy's way of figuring out how to plug himself into life in the big city. It was a single microphone and minimal equipment gathered into Charles F's downtown Montreal apartment to piece together all the distances he'd covered since growing up in rural Quebec. The jarring shift of such a transition seemed to peek through every chance it could, a constant inspiration as much as frustration that was drafted in the band's self-released Let Me Drive EP of mainly demo tracks.

Today, Winter Gloves is Charles F (lead singer/songwriter/wurlitzer), Pat Sayers (drums), Vincent Chalifour (synths) and Jean-Michel Pigeon (guitar/glockenspiel). With only a handful of live shows behind them at the beginning of the 2008, Winter Gloves was already receiving invitations to join bands like Tokyo Police Club on a series of sold-out tour dates. Such well-attended shows helped spread what was becoming the wildfire of the earlier EP demo tracks that spiked on top 10 lists with record downloads after being made available on iTunes, and lead to top pick coverage at both major annual music festivals in Canada, Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

After the Canadian release of the band's full length in the Fall of 2008, the band continued on the same foot as things had started with dates alongside Tokyo Police Club and a slot at Toronto's Virgin Festival before hitting the road across Canada with Vancouver's You Say Party! We Say Die! and Quebec's Beast. Reactions to the album and these shows immediately secured showcase opportunities at International conferences, invitations for further touring and secured spots on "Best of 2008" yearend lists including "Best New Artist" from iTunes Canada.

The about a girl LP is ten songs driven by the sounds of keyboards and drums, all wrapped up in a constant buzz of bass and gritty synths. The foursome will introduce themselves to the US with the 3 song, digital-only Let Me Drive EP featuring early sketches of songs that were later developed for the about a girl LP.

Top Etsy Picks

Here's a small collection of some great stuff to be found on Etsy




iPod Case

Cell Phone Charm



Hair Clip

Hair Band


Key Chain

Pocket Mirror


Money Clip





Laptop Bag



Cookie Jar


Soap Dish






Daily Video: Kanye West - Jesus Walks

Daily LOL - Apocalypse Pony

Back from Cuba!

I'm back from Cuba so posts shall resume as usual. Here are a couple photos from my trip.