Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Julien Pacaud

I've been following illustrator Julien Pacaud (AKA Drahomira) on DeviantArt for years now, and his hypnagogic, fantastical, evocative, collage-like art works have been a huge inspiration, especially those accompanied by a ridiculous narrative (see below images). Pacaud currently lives in Le Mans, France, and has been commissioned by a number of magazines.

Lady K.'s hairdo was designed by the most famous mathematicians of her times.

Robert and Carl Helium had to spend their whole life tied to ropes. In their house , the furnitures were fixed to the ceilings. For their 50th birthday, the elegant brothers decided to be released and elevate to space.

The suburbs of Duluth, on Antiterra, circa 1935. This picture was taken by Mr . Airweight, the father of the well-known Violet Airweight who invented time travel a few years later.. Here, we can see Violet in her teen years, walking her favourite pet around the municipal park, next to their property. Notice the pedestrian lightways connected to the manor, which were one of the first installed on Antiterra at that time.

The first and last performance of the Airbus Adagio (sponsored by the famous french plane industry company) took place on the main plaza of Szolnok, Hungary. Considered at first as a smart advertisement event to promote the firm in eastern Europe, the Airbus administrators quickly gave up their illusions and had to spend a lot of money to help the city reconstruct the buildings that were destroyed by the sound of the music.

Every time Penny says a bad word, a dead bird comes out from her mouth.

Quintuplets Novelists at Work

As his feelings are torn apart between the two women he loves, Sebastien Sebastian (the well-known mathemics genius) tries to find the equation that would solve the planet's geopolitical problems and put an end to the genocide ordered by the insane governor.

Using electrical impulses of your nervous system to grow your own portable woods in the palm of your hand.

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  1. I like your blog! Julien pacauds work is great!

    is the commentary written by pacaud or by yourself?