Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Iceland Wants to Be Your Friend

My favourite place ever, Iceland, has started using the internet and wants some new friends! Find out more about Iceland and become friends here. (If you enter your email, you will get the cutest email ever from Iceland)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Tim Flach

Like I said in my last post, I'm on a real dog kick lately ever since I got my amazing puppy Cornelius a few months ago. Tim Flach does these AMAZING, intimate, expressive photographs of dogs that read like people portraits. Tim Flach's photos are also available in his book.

Daily LOL - Dogs

Sorry for the overabundance of dog-ownership-related-posts. I am now the proud owner of the most kickass puppy in the world. Pictures to come :)

Daily Video: Modestep - Feel Good

Beyond the Rack & Ideeli Invites

If you want an invite link to Beyond the Rack and/or Ideeli (both are invite-only deal sites that feature tons of daily AWESOME deals on fashion, accessories, housewares, gifts, and more), feel free to use the invite links found below. Beyond the Rack ships to lots of countries, including the USA and Canada. Ideeli only ships inside the USA.

Beyond the Rack Invite Link
Ideeli Invite Link

Daily LOL - Dogs vs. Cats

Daily Video: Pocket Cinema - Blue, Karma, Tiger

Here's a really cool short Swedish animated documentary about female graffiti artists Blue, Karma, and Tiger.


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