Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Best Food and Fitness Tips from Every Magazine

Magazines are expensive! That's why I've pulled some nutrition, fitness, and wellness articles from a variety of magazine websites and compiled a list here. Enjoy!


10 Best Weight Loss Tips (Cosmopolitan US)

7 Food That Increase Metabolism (Cosmopolitan US)

Drop 5 Pounds In A Week (Cosmopolitan US)

Healthy Holiday Cocktails (Marie Claire US)

5 Foods That Fight Fat (Glow)

5 Foods For A Flatter Belly (LouLou)

Beat Afternoon Cravings With Healthy Snacks

How To Add Healthy Fats To Your Diet (Canadian Living)

8 Healthy Comfort Foods (Canadian Living)

Are You Being Fooled By Food Labels? (Canadian Living)


How To Build More Muscle (Marie Claire US)

Sexy Strong Abs The Easy Way (Marie Claire US)

Fitness Tips, Holiday Style (Marie Claire US)

Calorie Burning Winter Activities (Chatelaine)


Tips To Fall Asleep When You're Wired (Cosmopolitan US)

Increase Your Metabolism (Marie Claire US)

45 Best Body Secrets (Marie Claire US)

14 Simple Ways To Beat Food Cravings (Canadian Living)


  1. Great posting with many information on weight loss and fitness tips.. thanks