Thursday, September 24, 2009

197 Countries in 197 Photographs

The list of independent countries was taken from here, however I took the liberty of separating the United Kingdom into England, Scotland, and Wales. Please see bottom of page for some notes on image selection, and see links under images for original sources (note: some images were taken by myself and friends).

Afghanistan by micdt

Albania by Pawel Dziepak

Algeria by annaba

Andorra by bened1ct

Angola by napolean-hell

Antigua and Barbuda

Argentina by Chris

Armenia by FiLH

Australia by David Walker

Austria by phoenix252

Azerbaijan by poorich

Bahamas by Sebastian Ho

Bahrain by ace-v

Bangladesh by GMBakash


Belarus by Andrey Dubinin

Belgium by olakala

Belize by Vicki

Benin by Pauline L.

Bhutan by moonfinder

Bolivia by courtenaybird

Bosnia and Herzegovina by Mehmet Pinar

Botswana by Camille


Brunei by Anthony Asael

Bulgaria by Vasilis Lotsios



Cambodia by Matthieu G.

Cameroon by stwin


Cape Verde by Mikko Laitinen

Central African Republic by abenn

Chad by JadeLotus

Chile by theflash88

China by Alex Melinyshyn


Comoros by Anthony Asael

Costa Rica

Cote D'Ivoire by Anthony Asael

Croatia by RainbowFountains

Cuba by Tunc Suerdas

Cyprus by v3rmillion

Czech Republic by Faqy

Democratic Republic of the Congoby Larissa

Denmark by Christoph Kaula

Djibouti by Shannon

Dominica by Taylor

Dominican Republic by zaanannimjael

East Timor by Annas Alamudi

Ecuador by Vincent Joachim

Egypt by moon-goddess18

El Salvador by sedats


Equatorial Guinea

Eritrea by Eric Lafforgue

Estonia by Avely Nukk


Fiji by zinni

Finland by Dennis

France by somebody3121

Gabon by bwiti

Georgia by gajet

Germany by Beverly

Ghana by Erin Eldridge

Greece by me

Grenada by iwanttorentawombat

Guatemala by Josh England

Guinea-Bissau by Carlos Jorge

Guinea by Alexandre Foulon

Guyana by Khirsah

Haiti by A. Newstead

Honduras by Amanda

Hungary by fedagirl

Iceland by Maciej Duczynski

India by Thamer Al-Tassan

Indonesia by Rick Wezenaar


Iraq by Zoriah

Ireland by Kristi Potter

Israel by Adam Buczynski

Italy by Kit


Japan by sushihi

Jordan by Amoked

Kazakhstan by Aleksey

Kenya by Serhat Demiroglu

Kiribati by jo-mo

Kosovo by Neal1960

Kuwait by TorStar

Kyrgyzstan by elimoe

Laos by Emre Rende

Latvia by asikbaris

Lebanon by Sami

Lesotho by tehbean

Liberia by Anna


Liechtenstein by Bandesz99

Lithuania by mikescottnz

Luxembourg by kaizokuBG


Madagascar by Adrien

Malawi by Arnaud Legrand

Malaysia by devinadewi

Maldives by Patryk Kosmider

Mali by Ella

Malta by denkyo

Marshall Islands by firstshootersingular

Mauritania by Michel

Mauritius by Kirk

Mexico by Aziza

Micronesia by Paolo Natale

Moldova by Serge Nikiforov


Mongolia by Emmanuel Smague

Montenegro by bandesz99

Morocco by Natasha

Mozambique by Stuart Williams

Myanmar by Osiris81

Namibia by Francesco Tosi

Nauru by Dave

Nepal by Murat Selam

Netherlands by Sylvain

New Zealand by Jessica Pearce

Nicaragua by Aaron Escobar



North Korea by Eric Lafforgue

Norway by Maciej Duczynski


Pakistan by Azlan Hashim

Palau by Christian Benter


Papua New Guinea

Paraguay by tofeellove

Peru by Renate Eder

Philippines by Francis

Poland by Jan Ronald Crans

Portugal by Miguel Rita

Qatar by Emre Rende

Republic of the Congo by Anthony Asael

Romania by Tereza


Rwanda by Rob & Ale

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Lucia

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines by Ian Mackenzie

Samoa by Daniel LeLievre

San Marino by Zsuzsanna Mészáros

Sao Tome and Principe by João Pedro Neves

Saudi Arabia by Walter Callens

Scotland by me

Senegal by Sylvain Landry

Serbia by Katarina Stefanović

Seychelles by Nichol Rose

Sierra Leone by Adam Cohn

Singapore by Anoopa Joshi

Slovakia by Martin Sojka

Slovenia by Kristof Persoons

Solomon Islands by IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)


South Africa by Geof Wilson

South Korea by Derek Winchester


Sri Lanka by Anuradha Sarup

Sudan by Walter Callens


Swaziland by Simon Purdy

Sweden by Bill Sutherland

Switzerland by me



Tajikistan by Daniel Zollinger

Tanzania by Bruno

Thailand by Amrul Isham Ismail

The Gambia by Sebastian M.


Tonga by Eric Cheng

Trinidad and Tobago by Christian

Tunisia by Dell Gonzales


Turkmenistan by Owen Murray

Tuvalu by Alexander Trevi

Uganda by Rob & Ale


United Arab Emirates by Dan

United States of America

Uruguay by Juan Antonio Flores Segal


Vanuatu by Eric Lafforgue

Vatican City by Eren

Venezuela by Ruben Seabra

Vietnam by Farl

Wales by Ray Wise


Zambia by Joan Sabaté


*The images chosen were not meant to be representative of the entire country, but were selected based on aesthetic appeal, or on how compelling they are. The subject matter of the selected images is not meant to be offensive to anyone. One snapshot cannot represent an entire nation.


  1. Wonderful selection of photographs! Thanks for choosing one of mine!

    Greetings from Serbia!

  2. Lovely collection of photographs, thought provoking too. How peaceful our world looks and how beautiful

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for choosing mine for Malaysia!

  4. Hi! Thanks for choosing my snap of the Palauan government building. Please credit it to "Christian Benter".