Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fashion Inspiration - The Blonds

I've been out of the fashion loop for a while now, but I watched the season finale of Canada's Next Top Model (don't judge me) and I loooooved the line featured at the show. The designers? The Blonds. Philippe and David Blond combine glamour, art, fantasy, fashion, and a whole lot of glitters and sequins. The pieces featured here are from their Spring 2009 collection.


  1. Never been much of a sequins&sparkles fan, but I do like the vibrant colours in that one shot. Also, I wish Linsay had won instead of Megan! It would have been great to be able to say that Canada's Next Top model was native... Plus, I just plain liked her better.

  2. whoa linsay was native?? I did not know that. And ya I think she should've won too... she had a more interesting look, and i thought she was a classier person.