Saturday, April 23, 2011

My new boytoy - Cornelius!

As promised, here are some pictures of my AWESOME new puppy Cornelius (although he's rapidly growing out of the puppy phase). Cornelius was born November 24, 2010. His mother was a Puggle (Pug x Beagle) and his father was a Shar Pei x Bullmastiff, so he's quite a unique mix, and, as a result, quite a unique character. Cornelius has many nicknames including: Corny, Corn Dawg, Horny Corny, Benjamin Button, Grandpa the Flatulent, and Little Richard Alpert. I have never had such a smart, good, HILARIOUS dog. Enjoy the pics :)

Cornelius (11wks old here) & I after a very wet, slushy day at the dog park

A good friend photoshopped this image of Cornelius a few days after I got him :)

Cornelius at 8 weeks - the day we got him!

Cornelius (8 weeks old) exploring the kitchen

Cornelius (8 weeks) working on a yummy bone

Cornelius (9 weeks) - the king of adorable sleep positions

Cornelius (9 weeks) - the king of adorable sleep positions (or yoga?)

Cornelius (9 weeks) - I call this pose the "oh p'shaw"

Cornelius at 10 weeks old, in yet another uncomfy positiong

Cornelius at 10 weeks

Cornelius at 10 weeks, very comfortable with his manhood

Cornelius at 11 weeks - getting too big for his bed!

Cornelius (11 weeks) bored with his toys

Corny (11 weeks) going for a playdate with his friend Peanut

Cornelius at 13 weeks being attacked by his latest nemesis: shark puppet!

Cornelius at 15 weeks

Corny being silly at 15 weeks old

Cornelius (just under 5 months old) refusing to budge

Cornelius in the cone of shame. Bye-bye nads!

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